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A Tour of Our Jewelry Workshop!

Here at Gallery Byzantium all of our jewelry is handcrafted. Quality and fine craftmanship are our top priorities; from the casting process to the final finish every item is prepared with the customers satisfaction in mind. Below is a brief description of the lost wax method. We hope you enjoy the tour!


The process begins with a mold of one of our designs which is injected with wax creating a model.

The wax models are then attached to a wax stem forming a tree.

The wax tree is then placed inside a metal flask.

The flask is then filled with a ceramic investment and left to dry.

A few hours later the flask is then baked in a high temperature oven which burns out all of the wax encased inside the ceramic leaving a relief cavity.

Metal is then melted in a crucible.

When the timing is right the metal is then gravity fed into the relief cavity below.

he result is the same wax tree in solid 14 kt gold.

The pieces are then clipped off and individually filed and sanded.

And then each item is buffed to a brilliant shine.


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All of our jewelry is handcrafted! Take a tour of our Jewelry Workshop!

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